Wengie Shows Us Some Water Tricks

Wengie has several water tricks to show us. The first trick is with a laser beam. Take a liter plastic water bottle and poke a small hole in the lower portion. Cover the hole with your fingertip. Pour cold water into the liter bottle, remove your finger and some water will come out. Be sure to have a bowl to catch the water. Take the laser beam and flash it behind the bottle near the hole. You should see the water appear yellow. In a low light the water should appear bright green.


The second trick is called Water Splitting. This water trick requires two shot glasses, hot and cold water. Pour hot water into one glass and cold water in the other. Add a little blue food coloring in the cold water and some red food coloring in the hot water. Stir the dye into the water with a straw. Next, take a plastic card and place it over the glass containing the hot water, turn it upside down, place the glass over the shot glass with the cold water, and slowly slide out the card. You need to see the video to see what happens next.


The third water trick is called The Skittles Rainbow. It involves a pack of Skittles, hot water, and a round, white plate. Make sure the plate has a raised edge. Place Skittles around the rim of the plate until the candy is all around the rim. Put some hot water into the center of the plate. You must see this video for the outcome. There are more water tricks worth learning.



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