Cancer is a disease that has been recognized as the leading cause of death regarding diseases in the world. Many have died because they do not have the required medication for the condition.The cost of treatment is high and as many such people do not have the money to go for specialized treatment so that they can curb the disease.


The main reason is that the doctors that can treat cancer are few as well as the resources for cancer treatment. However, the disease is now affecting many people around the world hence the need for scholars to conduct thorough research so as to come with innovative ways of controlling the disease.


The disease has mainly been attributed to the change in lifestyle in today’s living. Therefore, centers have cropped up which are geared towards ensuring that there is the development of a drug that can combat cancer.


There are those that have also developed interests regarding cancer research, and they have decided to work as professional scientific researchers. One of the well-renowned of the researchers is Clay Siegall who is a biotechnologist and a researcher. He is known for contributing significantly in the field of research so as to curb cancer and help cancer patients to survive.


Clay Siegal is also credited as the founder of Seattle Genetics which has had great contributions towards helping cancer patients. He is also a scientist who has enormous experience which has helped him to contribute regarding the development of the sector.


The biotechnologist has in the past contributed to the elaboration of a drug known as antibody-drug conjugates. It is a cancer drug that is used to introduce antibodies during the process of therapy so as to fight the disease. Clay Siegall has, therefore, come with a way that has proved essential concerning the minimizing of the effects of cancer to patients.


It is because of experience and real leadership that Clay Siegall has been able to shape the field of research. He is the head of the board of the company, and as such he has contributed significantly to the development of other undertakings that have dedicated their time to carry out research on cancer.


How OSI Group has Expanded Over the Last Year

OSI Group, LLC, is a privately held food processing company that is based in Illinois. It was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant and eventually became one of McDonald’s largest suppliers of fresh beef. In the 1970’s the company was purchased by Sheldon Lavin who has since served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, the company has greatly expanded, including internationally. According to Forbes, OSI Group in now the 58th largest private company in the United States.

In the last year, OSI Group has made two big acquisitions in Europe. The first occurred August 2016 when it was announced that they had bought Baho Food, a large Dutch food processing company with processing plants in both the Netherlands and Germany. This gave OSI Group not only more production capacity in Europe but also extended the reach of their products into 18 European countries. It also added the types of food they offer in Europe as Baho Food’s products complimented OSI Group’s offerings very well.

The other large acquisition of the last year was announced in December 2016. OSI Group bought Flagship Europe which is located in the UK. This was another great acquisition for OSI Group as their processed food also complements what OSI Group was already providing in this important market. Among the processed food that Flagship Europe sells is sandwich fillings, sauces, dips, and marinades.

Expanding the company’s production capacity in the United States, OSI Group also bought a production facility in Chicago that had been owned by Tyson Foods. The facility was purchased for $7.4 million and, as it is close to other OSI Group facilities in the area, adds to their tight infrastructure in the area. Most of the Tyson Food employees at the plant were offered jobs with OSI Group.

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Why Anthony Petrello Is An Important Figure In The Houston Area

When it comes to both domestic and foreign oil drilling, Nabors Industries based in Houston, TX is invested in the technology to speed the process up greatly. Leading this endeavor is CEO and Chairman Anthony Petrello. Petrello has been running the company since 2011 when he took over for Eugene Isenberg, and his job includes creating strategies and options for technology initiatives. His compensation has been well documented at $1.5 million on base pay, and a lot of money invested in equity and stocks that valued his total compensation at $27 million in 2015.

Anthony Petrello doesn’t have a lot written on his background growing up, but one of his Yale University roommates Lloyd Grove who contributes to the Daily Beast mentioned how he loved arithmetic growing up. Petrello was so gifted at solving problems that he was beloved by his world-renowned mathematics professor Serge Lange. Mr. Petrello received high honors at Yale completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field, but instead of becoming a mathematician he became a lawyer for Baker & McKenzie law firm for 13 years. He was hired by Nabors Industries for his expertise in corporate law.

In addition to his job at Nabors, Petrello is also a philanthropist whose main goal is to raise awareness for neurological research. His daughter Carena has battled periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) since she was born, and this has driven petrello to support the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. While no cures for PVL exist at this time, Petrello is hopeful that his $7 million gift will start a major fundraising commitment in the Houston business community.

Adam Milstein’s Recent & Enlightening Interview

Adam Milstein cofound the Israeli-American Council. He is also the National Chairman of this organization. In a recent interview between IdeaMensch and Adam Milstein, the following topics were covered: Where the idea of Hager Pacific Properties derived from, typical days and productivity questions, the process of bringing ideas to life, an exciting trend of his, the worst job and the lesson learned from it, if things could be done differently, the strategy to grow one’ business, and more.


Adam Milstein replied by saying that instead of setting specific goals, he found it best to just do his best. He also said not to listen to criticism, always follow every lead, don’t rely on others, and to comprehend the issue and work it out. As far as his experiences, Milstein stated that he believes he made all the right choices, he never had a bad job, he pushed until things come into reality, and his business is successful because he is consistent, persistent, and follows up. Other topics in the interview were small, but positive, such as how he enjoys a certain software that helps manage his contacts, and the best $100 spent which was for his wife and children.


About Adam Milstein


In addition to the positions already mentioned that Milstein holds, he is a philanthropist and a real estate investor. He is also Hagar Pacific Properties’ managing partner, and his wife and he established a foundation in 2000 called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.


Anthony Petrello is Boss of Energy

From October of 2011, Mr. Anthony G. Petrello (known as Tony), has been the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., which was originally founded in 1968, and currently based in Hamilton, Bermuda. This successful firm is an S&P 500 oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling organization, operating on lands throughout the Americas, the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa. This drilling company also performs onshore well-servicing in North America, and provides rigs for offshore oil platform workover, and also for offshore drilling rig services. Petrello’s accomplished educational background includes a J.D. from the prestigious Harvard Law School, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Petrello provides strategic planning initiative and direction to enable his competitive company to rapidly adapt to the dynamic and competitive energy sector.

Since 2012, Mr. Anthony Petrello has been Chariman of the Board of Nabors and its Subsidiary, Nabors Industries, Inc. With the exceptionally keen leadership skills of Mr. Petrello, Nabors Industries Ltd. as of 2006, was owner of some six hundred and ten land work-over and well-servicing types of facilities inside the US. There are at least one-hundred ninety rigs inside Canada alone! His organization also possesses ownership of some forty-eight oil platform rigs, nineteen jack up barge rig, and five barge rigs. No wonder Petrello’s total compensation for FY 2015, was $27,512,939. On a more personal note, Mr. Petrello has also been very generous in his philanthropy, donating 5 million dollars to a Texas Children’s Hospital.


Mike Baur, A Banking Guru

In life, there is nothing more satisfying than having to dream as a young person of becoming someone in a profession and attaining one’s goal. This is Mike Baur remarkable story of hopes and dreams that eventually came to fruit. As a young person, he only had one wish, and as years passed he gradually realized his early passion of becoming a banker. Banking and Finance did always fascinate him as a young boy. Achieving his dream did not come easy as he had to climb the ladder of success gradually. He had to pave his way beginning from his days as an apprentice at UBS to becoming an executive board member of a large privately owned Swiss BANK.


He was able to attain his ambitious success after he graduated with an MBA from University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. This propelled him into his childhood career and has now spent almost two decades in Swiss Private Banking.


It is while working in the private sector that Mike Baur hatched up an idea of starting an independent and privately financed ICT Startup Factory in Switzerland. This begun Mikes entrepreneurial journey just at the age of 39. He was able to do this through partnering up with his two friends. The Startup Factory went on to become the No 1 independent and privately financed stage ICT Startup Accelerator. The accelerator program takes three months to complete. It is while in the program that a start-up is provided with financial support, coaching, mentorship, office space and access to an extensive entrepreneurial and investor network.


In January 2016, Mike Baur was named the deputy managing director of ICT Invest. This was after the partnership agreement that was brokered between Swiss Startup Factory and CTI. Baur went on to lead the Startup Factory through its accelerated program with Goldback Group in early 2016 and again after its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.


It was through his leadership role that in the same year that the Wall Street Journal profiled Mikes early career from his days at Swiss Banking to his entrepreneurial and startup investments. Apart from all this, it is vital to know that Baur also spends most of his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and helps finance them as well as fund them. He has left many people emulating the strides he has made in the banking industry.



Wengie Shows Us Some Water Tricks

Wengie has several water tricks to show us. The first trick is with a laser beam. Take a liter plastic water bottle and poke a small hole in the lower portion. Cover the hole with your fingertip. Pour cold water into the liter bottle, remove your finger and some water will come out. Be sure to have a bowl to catch the water. Take the laser beam and flash it behind the bottle near the hole. You should see the water appear yellow. In a low light the water should appear bright green.


The second trick is called Water Splitting. This water trick requires two shot glasses, hot and cold water. Pour hot water into one glass and cold water in the other. Add a little blue food coloring in the cold water and some red food coloring in the hot water. Stir the dye into the water with a straw. Next, take a plastic card and place it over the glass containing the hot water, turn it upside down, place the glass over the shot glass with the cold water, and slowly slide out the card. You need to see the video to see what happens next.


The third water trick is called The Skittles Rainbow. It involves a pack of Skittles, hot water, and a round, white plate. Make sure the plate has a raised edge. Place Skittles around the rim of the plate until the candy is all around the rim. Put some hot water into the center of the plate. You must see this video for the outcome. There are more water tricks worth learning.



Highland Capital Brings Charity To Communities

The business world is made up of companies that bring products and services to the communities where the companies are located as well as to other areas. While the companies are in business to make money, there are other things that companies do that are important to the companies. One of the things that is often overlooked about companies both large and small is the willingness of companies to help people through charities.


Millions of dollars are given by companies every year to charities in an effort to provide money to charities so that the charities can help people in various communities. The money that is contributed by companies to charities is usually done based on specific contribution goals set by the companies. Many companies set helping people as an organizational goal that is outlined in the plans made by the companies on a yearly basis.


Many charities depend on the financial contributions that are made by companies to help the charities meet contribution goals. Although a lot of charities receive financial contributions from individuals on a regular basis, a significant amount of the contributions from the individuals are small in nature. The small individual contributions are important because small contributions by many people add up to large sums of money.


On the other hand, the contributions made by companies tend to be larger. In some cases, the contributions can be in the six or seven figure range. These types on financial contributions are able to help charities to keep the doors open and help thousands of people in need.


Highland Capital Management located in Texas is one of the companies that helps people in communities across the country. However, Highland Capital has its very own charity that it runs and operates, which is something that the company wants to do because it allows the company to concentrate its charitable efforts in a manner that will accomplish the goals of the company in relation to its community efforts.


Highland Capital has been helping people through its charity for many years. The company places a lot of resources behind the charity and places emphasis from within the company on the daily operations of its charity. Thousands of people in communities have been helped by the Highland Capital charity.


Eric Pulier-Making the World a Better Place Through Technology

Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and achieved his BA from Harvard University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 from Harvard. He studied American Literature and English during his collegiate career. He also studied Computer Science, Visual and Environmental Studies. He was editor for the Harvard Crimson Weekly and the author of PulierLeg which was a weekly column.


Eric Pulier is a columnist, entrepreneur, technologist, public speaker, and philanthropist. He is also the founder of over fifteen companies and has raised millions of dollars for his founded or co-founded ventures.


Some of Pulier’s ventures include eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and Digital Evolution. Pulier is also invested in venture capital funds and many charitable organizations. He is an investor in many seed level startups, most of which have become quite successful.


Pulier serves on the board of The Painted Turtle and the Innovation Board of XPRIZE Foundation. Pulier currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.


Pulier created one of the first multimedia programs to educate people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease and was an honoree at the US Doctors for Africa benefit. Pulier served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and was a founding donor of the ACE Foundation. He is a financial donor in the Campaign for Free Tuition, as well.


Eric Pulier was chosen to run the Bridge to the 21st Century, a multi-day event that was held to commemorate Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. He has also donated capital in order to support the Starlight Foundation, which is helping children with chronic illnesses. His work for the Starlight Foundation became internationally known and Starbright World has linked 75 hospitals within the United States together with a video conferencing network. He has also brought a series of computer modules into production in order to help kids with diabetes learn. It’s a game that makes it possible for kids to experience what it’s like to travel through their own bodies in order to see how their sugar levels are affected. Pulier is continuing to improve the world through his work.

How the OSI Group Managed to Become A Multinational

If you could mention big company names in the global food industry, one company that shall feature prominently is the Aurora-based enterprise OSI Group, LLC. This firm is a household name as far as meat processing and distribution is concerned. Working with big retail chains such as Subway, Starbucks, and McDonald’s the company has carved a name for itself in the food sector.

OSI Group began its operations close to 40 years ago as a supplier of meat products to McDonald’s in the Midwest. Over time the company has experienced phenomenal growth that has enabled it to set shop in multiple foreign destinations across the globe. The company’s core products include breakfast sausages, ready-to-eat beef, chicken and pork, ham, bacon, and pizza.

The company was founded by billionaire Sheldon Lavin who is the Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The firm employs over 20,000 individuals and operates in 17 countries across the globe.

Recently, the company has been on an acquisition spree that is aimed at strengthening the presence of the company in foreign markets such as Europe and Asia. Some of the notable acquisitions include the purchase of Baho Foods, a European food processing company with operations in Germany and the Netherlands and Flagship Europe, an equally acclaimed food processing enterprise that is based in Europe.

According to the second-in-command at OSI, President, and COO David McDonald, OSI Group has been able to record exceptional growth in the US and foreign markets because of its entrenched corporate culture and the fact that it takes into consideration the taste preference and cultural diversity of the communities in which the enterprise runs its operations. Click here to know more.

OSI Group provides outstanding food solutions to retailers. The company holds one of the most coveted awards, the Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council.