Chris Burch BelievesTechnology and Fashion are Harmonious:

Christopher Burch believes that fashion and industry need each other. This is a very interesting concept. Some believe that in order for the two to survive: the coupling of the two sectors must exist in the way of a popular trend.


However, Christopher Burch is a visionary. He has seen the two sectors grow side by side and firmly believes that there is not an event that need bring the two processes together. When looking at the past—according to Christopher Burch: any one of us can see, fully, what possibly lies ahead, in way of the union of fashion and technology. In other words, it is not as complicated as: East meets West—and we are nothing alike: so let us find some common ground. The two sectors quite, “charmingly” complement one another.


Christopher Burch makes use of the Boom Box of the 70s as a way to introduce the historical significance of technology becoming a “roomie” with fashion. Is it fashionable to carry audio gear? According to Burch: naturally so. The Boom Box was most popular during the 70s and 80s decades. The Walkman became the mobile audio entertainment device of choice-next, in the 90s. Next, came the iPod. The iPod presented the most compact listening device of all.


Regardless, no matter “which way you slice it,” technology is factored into what is fashionable for the time period.


Burch states that even now technology and fashion is actively intermingling. The designer is quite responsive in assuring her or his product is delivered to a very accepting public.


Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch designer. She created the “DareDroid,” a drink-making dress and “Pseudomorphs” a self-painting dress. This type of in-depth design, squarely shows, that technology and fashion are very compatible. Ms. Wipprecht enjoys using her creativity in combining the concepts of technology into her design works.


Christopher Burch suggests that other fashions advance through the utilization of technology. In example. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are the designers that created neckwear for the biker: The neckwear becomes an airbag—conveniently so—when the biker is about to hit the pavement.


In way of a protective type of fashion: designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon created ‘Frontline Globes’. The firefighters use their gloves in order to communicate whether a devastated area is safe to enter; or to stay out.


SegraSegra has created terrific fashion designs out of recycled inner tubes of bikes. Emma Whiteside put together a gown made of recycled copper.


Soledad Martin works on a prototype for shoe apparel wherein a walker charges his or her cellular device by means of his movement. Google Glass became popular when Diane von Furstenberg’s models wore the optical accessory, while walking up and down the runway.


Fashion and technology evolve together and are assistive to one another. Technology makes fashion functional. Both industries are engaging each other, to bring greater harmony to the lives of everyone.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch:


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The firm is based in New York. Chris Burch assumed billionaire status in 2012. When Burch bought a majority of C. Wonder, his net worth went over the 10 figure mark. The self-made billionaire resided in Wayne Pennsylvania as a kid. His father owned supplies and mining equipment. Burch grew up in Wayne Pennsylvania. He was raised by a middle class family.


During 1976, when Burch was an undergrad at Ithaca College, he and his brother Robert established Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They did so by starting out selling sweaters. The sweater brand was expanded upon. The company was sold, eventually, for millions of dollars. The company’s goal is to properly incubate new brands. Poppin and and Voss Water are a few of many brands found in Burch’s portfolio.


What End Citizens United Wants To Do For Good

The Year Politics Changed

2010 was not a good day for the common man. In a surprising decision the Supreme Court decided that financial contributions were in fact a form of free speech. This decision opened the door for corporations to turn campaign donations into a form of free speech and cement their influence over American politics. That case is now known as Citizens United and people are finally waking up to the righteous anger against it. Leading the pack is an activist group known as End Citizens United.

The Problem Of Money In Politics

Money in politics is a major source of corruption no matter where you go. When the rich and powerful are free to let their dollars do the talking they are able to silence the voices of people who oppose their agenda. This is why more than anything else groups like End Citizens United are needed. We need someone who is willing to unite Americans against those who intend to take democracy from them. Right now billionaires like the Koch brothers are doing everything they can to stop this from happening.

What Can Be Done

End Citizens United is providing the grassroots action necessary to stop Citizens United and the Koch brothers from dominating politics. Anyone who wants to see these efforts succeed is best served by adding to End Citizens United and doing whatever is possible to stop the advancement of the Koch agenda. Beyond simply raising money to fight Citizens United membership in End Citizens United shows that people have a strong interest in what’s happening in politics and aren’t satisfied with the results they are seeing. When billionaires take over politics most people will not be happy with the outcome.

End Citizens United Today

End Citizens United has been around for quite some time fighting the good fight against money in politics. Although there have been some setbacks the direction of politics seems to suggest that people do not like what they see and change will happen. It isn’t easy building a powerful movement and getting people to come to your side. It’s even harder to do when you’re fighting against some of the wealthiest people in the world. Despite this End Citizens United has managed to take great steps towards its end goal.

What Is Needed In The Future?

End Citizens United needs to continue to grow in numbers and it needs to support politicians who are against Citizens United. The recent conditions seen in politics may be disheartening, but there is still hope for politicians that oppose Citizens United. There is a movement growing and it isn’t going to turn back any time soon.

Josh Verne Provides You With Five Tips To Make You More Successful At Business

Josh Verne has founded and managed several businesses in his career so far. His current business is FlockU. Located on the web, FlockU is an online portal designed for college students. At this online portal, students share advice with other students and publish content on current events, how to prepare for exams and how to prepare for a career after college. The content and website is monetized by Josh Verne through the use of carefully targeted ads directed towards visitors and members of FlockU.


Before founding FlockU, Josh acquired and developed the financial company known as Work Pays Me. It let people receive credit to purchase items they needed such as a new refrigerator or vehicle in exchange for having monthly payments deducted straight out of their paycheck. Josh eventually sold Work Pays Me to the firm, Global Analytics.


Mr. Verne was recently featured on the Knowledge For Men’s Podcast show. It is an online podcast that invites entrepreneurs on to discuss their businesses and provide insight into what made their businesses succeed or fail. During the interview Josh highlighted some major tips to help people achieve prosperity and succeed in both business and their daily lives.


One of the tips given to Josh Verne for anybody involved in business is to pursue a job or business that you will feel extremely passionate about. When you are passionate about your job, you are motivated to do your best and go the extra mile. That greatly boosts your chances of success and that likelihood that you will make it big in a job or industry.


Wengie Shares DIY Gift Wrapping Hacks

Wengie shares her top DIY gift wrapping hacks with us. In the first hack, she shares an image of a cereal box. After cutting and folding the box into the perfect little box for gifts, it’s unrecognizable as a cereal box. For small gifts, especially those for children or co-workers, she uses a cup to hold tiny presents. Wengie adds sparkling tape to the edge, and then ties s name tag to the corner. It’s such a sweet looking way to present a gift to someone. Using square wrap fabric, Wengie makes a beautiful DIY gift wrap. In a seemingly odd example, Wengie uses a potato for one of her gift wrapping DIY projects. She cuts the potato into different shapes and then she dips them into paint. Ultimately she creates the cutest ice cream print design all over the wrapping paper, using a potato. Brilliant! The gift wrapping doesn’t just include paper and boxes, Wengie also creates a gift bag. Using an old box, placing colorful tape around it, and then tying strings to the sides, she makes a DIY gift bag that is both sturdy and worthy of showing off.

Clay Siegall’s Thoughts on the Most Outstanding Innovations in the Biotechnology Industry


The biotechnology industry in the U.S. is one of the industries that have recorded tremendous advances. Biotech executives like Clay Siegall believe that technology has influenced these advances. According to Siegall, cancer therapies such as Celgene’s lenalidomide and Roche/Genentech’s trastuzumab have been effective in treating different types of cancer. He also believes that over the past years, significant advances have been made in the development of HIV therapies. In an article posted in his blog, Siegall gave an example of efavirenz, tenofovir, and emtricitabine that help in boosting the immunity of HIV patients. Gilead Sciences developed these drugs.

Biotechnological research works have also led to the development of improved flu vaccines. They have also influenced the development of hepatitis C therapies. Vertex Pharmaceuticals recently made news after developing telaprevir as a medication for hepatitis C. Dendreon, a pharmaceutical company, also developed sipuleucel-T as a tumor vaccine.

Clay Siegall’s Professional and Academic Background

Clay Siegall is a biotech executive who is celebrated for his leadership role in Seattle Genetics, a company he co-founded in 1998. Besides serving as the company’s CEO, Siegall also seats at the executive directors’ board. He has led Seattle Genetics in the development of outstanding clinical and preclinical products. The company is the pioneer of the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology. This technology is used to develop drugs for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases. As CEO, Siegall has facilitated capital-raising ventures for the company through private and public financings. Seattle Genetics has also collaborated with leading biotech companies such as MedImmune, Genentech, and Bayer. Through such partnerships, Seattle Genetics has generated over $800 million.

Siegall earned a bachelor’s degree in Zoology after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland. He also obtained a doctorate in Genetics after graduating from the George Washington University. He has worked as an executive for the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. His executive board membership roles are beneficial to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. He was also named as a member of the executive board of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA).

Sujit Choudhry – Comparative Law

The historical concept of Comparative Law dated back to the 18th Century in Europe, even before this time, renowned legal jurists were already practicing comparative methodologies. It was during or just before this period that the work of French jurist, Montesquieu, came into prominence and was duly regarded as the early founder of Comparative Law following the publishing of his book De l’espirit des lois, which turns out to be a masterpiece.

What is Comparative Law?

As the name implies, Comparative Law refers to a legal method of comparing two or more different legal systems. It denotes the study of similarities and differences inherent in the laws of different countries. The comparison is achieved by critically studying the different legal systems in existence across the world, such as the English Common Law, the French Civil Law, the Chinese Law, Jewish Law, Canon Law, Socialist Law, Islamic Law, and the Hindu Law. Comparative Law involves the description and in-depth analysis of foreign legal systems, which produces positive results relating to the cultural differences in the various legal systems being analyzed.  More on

Comparative Law in Contemporary Time

The present day study of Comparative jurisprudence can first be attributed to British jurist, Sir Henry Maine, in the aftermath of his work; Ancient Laws, which lays the frame work for the development of legal systems in primitive societies by engaging critically in comparative discussions to that effect.

Today, Comparative Law (through the works of eminent legal jurists like Sujit Choudhry gives a better understanding of foreign legal systems, especially in this era of globalisation and complexity that underlines international public and private laws. It creates an avenue for the harmonization and unification of laws, leading to better and healthier cooperation among international states and non-states actors–all living in a common global order.

Sujit Choudhry

The modern Epistle of Comparative Law will not be complete without a mention of one of its greatest Apostle—Sujit Choudhry! Choudhry is constitutional lawyer, the founder and Director of Faculty at the Centre for Constitutional Transitions–the first University-based center in the world to generate and mobilised legal knowledge for constitutional development. Dean Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned authority on comparative constitutional Law and development. He attended the University of Oxford from 1992-1994, and was awarded Bachelor of Arts in Law. In 1996, Choudhry was awarded Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree by the University of Toronto, and in 1998; he was awarded Master of Laws (LL.M) at Harvard Law School, United States.

Professor Choudhry’s legal research encompasses a wide range of issues that centres in Comparative Constitutional Law, which advocate constitutional design as a decisive tool to undertake and manage the transition from violent conflicts to peaceful and cordial political democracy. That is, constitutional designs that cover all forms of ethnically divided societies, decentralization, federalism, presidentialism, constitutional courts, bills of rights, minority and group rights, security sector oversight, methodology and comparative constitutionality.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry’s vast experience in serving as advisor to the constitutional building process span places such as Ukraine, Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, and some others. Choudhry has written and published lots of articles, book chapters, reports and papers, well over seventy. One of Choudhry’s edited collections tagged Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, is a top seller on Amazon. Presently, he is an Executive member of the International Society of Public Law, a member of the UN Mediation Roster, and dozens of other legal groups, societies and position being held by Choudhry.

No doubt, Professor Sujit Choudhry is worth a place in the history books of Comparative Law.

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Bruno Fagali: Quality Legal Service Promised

Bruno Fagali, the eminent lawyer in Brazil and the founder of Fagali law, is known for providing expertise service in Compliance, Public and Anti-Corruption Law, bidding law, administrative and civil liability processes, Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Ethics, Urban Law, etc. He also serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova / sb, a prominent advertisement firm which has contracts from major agencies including UNESCO, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, etc.

Throughout his career, Bruno Fagali has driven for quality legal service for the needy. He has clients from politicians to corporates and gives quick assistance to them. His professionalism and integrity have made him immensely successful in the legal profession. Also, his decade-long experience in legal services has helped him to understand the complexity of different issues and act accordingly. Bruno Fagali understands that some legal issues need quick actions to ensure the justice and prioritizes such issues considering the importance.

Bruno Fagali holds the Office of Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova / sb to ensure the transparency within the advertisement firm. The firm is known for getting both governmental and private contracts alike and considering the possibilities of corruption, the firm thought to have an eminent lawyer onboard to ensure the transparency drive. Bruno Fagali helped the firm to set up an ethics committee and initiated an action plan of treating both employees and members alike. He also helped the firm to submit the audit of the firm’s operations and accounts to Federal Comptroller General’s Office.

Bruno Fagali started his career as a legal intern at Escritório Modelo Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns and later worked as an intern at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Sociedade de Advogados and Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault advogados associados. He worked as a lawyer at Radi, Calil e Associados advocacia before founding his own firm. He completed his law graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and did Master degree in Public Law from the University of São Paulo.