Securus Technology Dedicated to offering The Best to Their Clients

Communication is essential in our day to day life’s activities. Individuals in prisons were once getting the challenge of how they can communicate with their loved ones, Secures technology noticed the gap and took responsibility for them to fill it and provide communication services to the correctional institutions.

In June 2016, Securus Technologies which is a leading company in the provision of civil, criminal and justice technologies resolutions for public safety, monitoring, investigations, and corrections, issued corrections to GTL Press release that the firm released on June 7, 2016. Securus found the press release that was issued by GTL to be misleading and inaccurate. Some of the allegations included; GTL claims that Securus has been suing them since 2011 on patent issues and they have been accusing them even in the media, claims that are designed to pressure them and settle their disputes because will favor Secures. On the other hand, Securus Technology corrected the allegations saying, we have always made efforts to reach GTL’s claim in an intelligent and mature way to accept financial arrangements with those companies that use our patent technology without a license.

Securus Technology we believe that GTL is aware that the patent often takes a long time and cost million of dollars, but as a company, we will continue to defend our organization from GTL’s attack and state our patent in response to GTL’s current approach.

Securus Technology Inc has our headquarters in Dallas Texas, and we are dedicated to serving more than 3450 public safety, correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. It also serves more than 12000000 inmates across Northern America. We are committed to helping and provide emergency response, information, investigations, incidence management, communication as well as biometric analysis.

Since our inception, Securus Technology Inc. has been providing the best solutions to correctional facilities and the inmates around America. To improve our services we have now established a 220 seat in- house domestic call center and we have also acquired JPay a mobile money transfer company.


A Healthy Breakfast With Markus Rothkranz And Cara Brothman

Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman talk about healthy breakfasts including a raw fruit salad and a green smoothie, Marcus style. Both healthy breakfasts are quick and easy to make.

Cara’s fruit salad contains seasonal fruit and cashew cream with added non-alcoholic vanilla, sweetened with maple syrup. Honey or dates are acceptable substitutions for the maple syrup. In this video, she uses strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mango, banana and red raspberries. The recipe is simple. Place chopped fruit in a bowl, get out the cashews that have been soaked in water for an hour, and then place 2 cups of the drained cashews in a blender. Add some ice and a little water, a dash of vanilla and maple syrup and then blend. When the mix is the desired consistency, pour over fruit. Add almonds or dried pomegranate powder as a topper if desired.

Marcus usually has a green smoothie for breakfast, which is also very easy to prepare. He uses half greens, half fruit and a 1/2 cup of liquid, which he purees in a blender. Spinach, kale, red leaf lettuce, parsley, carrot tops and celery are all possible green ingredients a person can use. He uses several greens, but always uses at least one celery stalk. For a liquid, he suggests coconut water, orange juice or just plain water.

Marcus’ smoothie is brown, but he swears it tastes good. He says that he’s been drinking it for eight years now and he sees himself growing younger each year. You can see the entire video here:

Doe Deere: The Recipe For Success

An interview was published on with makeup maven, Doe Deere. She is the self-proclaimed unicorn queen, says the article. She took her love of a rainbow of color and turned it into a multi-million-dollar makeup company, Lime Crime. According to the interview, Deere believes that everyone can make their dreams come true.

Doe Deere says that she was born in Russia and moved to New York City when she was 17. She says that she has always wanted to become a musician and did that when she moved to America. Deere and a group of friends formed a band and started touring.

She confides that being a musician has taught her how to appreciate fans. Deere says that she has always had the knack for being an entrepreneur. As a teenager, she says, she designed temporary tattoos and sold them in her middle school. Soon, she had started a school fashion statement, Deere says.

As a child in Russia, Deere’s mother taught her how to sew. The young Deere would design costumes for her and her friends. They would put on their own plays in the neighborhood. She also remembers getting into her mother’s makeup and blending fun looks. This early experimentation would be helpful in years to come.

When Deere moved to the United States and started touring with her band, she designed all of the costumes for the band members. She used her love of color to create lavish designs. Soon, says Deere, their fans asked about how they could get costumes like the ones the band wore. They thought the designs were trendy and cool.

Deere says in the interview that she lived 14 years in New York City. Some years were spent in Manhattan; however, she says that she lived the longest time in Brooklyn. She says that she became an adult in New York. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied fashion design. Even though she now lives in Los Angeles, Deere says that she visits New York often.

Since so many fans asked about her designs, Doe Deere set up an online shop on eBay. She sold clothes that she designed and even modeled them herself. She wanted a quirky name, so she took made a rhyme with her favorite color: Lime Crime. The store had a great deal of success, Deere says.

Back in 2008, Deere states, she started experimenting with makeup color. She modeled her clothing designs and wanted bold makeup colors for accent. The big problem, says Deere, was that the makeup trend for that time was natural beauty. Many of the colors were beige and bland. Deere blended bright hues of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and nail polish. They went perfect with her designs, she says.

Doe Deere

Lime Crime fans loved the radiant colors of Deere’s makeup and wanted to buy it. It was not long until makeup sales eclipsed the sales of her clothes; so Doe Deere decided that Lime Crime would be exclusively a makeup store.

When Deere was asked for advice to young entrepreneurs, she was adamant that they should follow their hearts. She said they should not be afraid to go for their passion and “do what they love”. That is how Lime Crime became a great success, she says.

Follow Doe on Twitter @doedeere

An In-depth Look at Adam Goldenberg Ventures in Fashion World

Adam Goldenberg is a shrewd fashion entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and seasoned dealmaker. His love and passion for fashion began when he was still a kid. He launched his first entrepreneurial venture (an online bulletin service) at the age of 13 years using his Bar Mitzvah Money. Adam Goldenberg joined high school and converted his firm into a gaming site known as Gamer’s Alliance. Brett Brewer, the President of Intermix, was impressed with Gamer’s Alliance and bought it in 1997, unaware that its founder was just 17-years-old. After quick deliberation, Brewer employed Goldenberg, who turned out to be a valuable asset for the firm within a short period.

Strong partnership and series of investments

Goldenberg’s entrepreneurial approach and business acumen paid off, and he ascended to the position of Chief Operations Officer of Intermix. After a year, Intermix purchased, a premier health and fitness firm established by Don Ressler. That way, Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler, and within no time, they became business partners cum friends. They teamed up to create e-commerce and performance advertising firm, Alena Media.

The success of the e-commerce section must have inspired confidence in Adam Goldenberg and Ressler. They knew they had necessary skills to succeed in the expanding sector of online performance advertising. They created a brand-building firm they could manage separately. The partners led a team of former Alena members through a series of brainstorming sessions. Two weeks down the line, the team came up with Brand Ideas that eventually became Intelligent Beauty.


Intelligent Beauty’s first brand was DERMSTORE on, a reliable online cosmetics, and personal care marketplace. After two years, they introduced SENSA, a weight-loss program and assigned the product development division to Dr. Allan Hirsch and CEO position to Brett Brewer (Intermix founder).

Launch of JustFab

JustFab is indisputably the most successful company founded by Adam Goldenberg and his business partner, Don Ressler. Barely a decade since its inception, JustFab has become one of the most reliable online subscription retailers. In 2003, the firm raised around $55 million in financing and purchased ShoeDazzle, an accomplished shoe discovery service at

Business strategy

Adam says his business strategy and style of management is metrics-driven. With the help of his employees and business associates, Adam keeps track on the shopping trends and experiences of clients.

Investment Advisors Are A Great Resource To Those Managing Their Investments

The investments that you choose and the times that you buy and sell them plays a major factor in your financial well being, particularly during your retirement years. Investment advisors can help you to make the right decisions. It is very easy to find investment advisors in most areas of the country. A simple online search for them in your area is likely to yield plenty of results.

However, use caution when you are deciding on an investment advisor. Since there can be serious financial consequences to not making the right investments, it is important that you choose one that has a lot of experience in the field. You should also check to make sure they have gotten good reviews.

You cam also do a background check on any investment advisors that you look into. When you should do this, it is important to verify any credentials listed on their page. It also is a good idea to look into them through the Better Business Bureau, assuming you’re located in the United States or Canada.

This organization accredits businesses that are seen as credible, and it provides them with a grade. If there are unresolved complaints with an investment advisor, they are often listed by the Better Business Bureau.

Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Can Help You To Invest Successfully:

Wealth Solutions is based out of Bee Cave, Texas, and the firm is run by Richard Blair. Richard Blair has been a successful investment advisor for twenty years. His firm has been in business for quite some time, and many clients have had great results with him. You can find many positive testimonials of these experiences.

Not only does Richard Blair help his clients to succeed using stocks, but he has helped many clients to succeed with other investments.

Richard Blair is passionate about educating others on managing their own finances, not just managing their money for them.

Finance’s Finest: Brian Bonar Takes Executive Of The Year

Every year four people are selected as Executives of the Year in each division of the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. These executives are chosen by merit, taking into consideration their abilities and experience as a leader, their accomplishments in their current and past professional lives and their achievements in college and other educational settings.

Being listed in the registry is considered and honor in the networking community, although it comes as no surprise to some that professional Brian Bonar has taken his spot as the 2010/2011 Executive of the Year in the Financial division.

Professionally affiliated with the American Finance Association, Brian Bonar has spent over ten years as both Chairman and CEO for Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Dalrada Financial Corporation provides business solutions for clients to increase efficiency in the workplace, acting as a sort of liaison between companies and service providers. This includes services such as workers compensation and other risk associated insurance, promotional services and employee benefits such as insurance and investment accounts.

Prior to taking over Dalrada Financial Services, Brian Bonar began his professional experience working as a procurement manager for IBM, and later increased his leadership abilities when he began working as Director of Engineering for QMS. During this position he managed over 100 other people and was seen as a wonderful colleague.

Using his Ph. D. combined with almost 30 years of experience in financial management, entrepreneur Brian Bonar doesn’t just stop at that. A strong background in engineering, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering have shaped this businessman’s professional future profoundly.

In addition to holding CEO and Chairman positions with Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar also served as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. and once again demonstrates his leadership abilities as Chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc.

Trucept, Inc., is a service based company that aims to help small and medium sized businesses manage and complete tasks without the need for additional employees.  Brian Bonar currently makes his home in the greater San Diego area.

Nathaniel Ru And The Success Of Sweetgreen

As a Georgetown University graduate, great things were expected of Nathaniel Ru. The university is known for the great minds it produces and he has proven to be no exception to this rule. When he started looking for business opportunities in Washington D.C he was quickly able to see exactly what the crowds around him wanted. They wanted the convenience of fast food but they didn’t want their fast food to take a toll on their health. Attached to their smartphones and always online, customers wanted to be able to order from their phones. Nathaniel Ru took this and created Sweetgreen.


The current model of fast food chains is fairly outdated in a world of smartphones and tablets. Consumers want the ease of ordering food with the swipe of a touchscreen. Realizing this, Nathaniel Ru and his Georgetown University school mates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet co-created Sweetgreens. A chain of fast food focused on providing fresh salads, Sweetgreen is oriented towards the millennial generation’s love of high tech solutions. Fast food is often taken to mean consuming food rich in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium. Ru wants to get rid of this association and focus on giving consumers a better option. Sweetgreen is fast food, but it is healthy fast food.


The first thing that stands out about Sweetgreen is the convenience it offers. More than 30% of all food orders are made using the Sweetgreen website or mobile app. As a millennial himself, Nathaniel Ru understands the trend towards online ordering and has adopted it into his service. His focus on giving customers healthier menu options also reflects his interest in shifting things into a new direction.


Ru’s approach seems to be working as far as anyone can tell. Sweetgreen has expanded its operation to include 40 locations. Unlike most fast food chains there is no central headquarters for Sweetgreen, but the company is operated bicoastally with offices on the east coast and west coast. Investors have seen the success of this company and are already placing funds into it. When the likes of Steve Case and Danny Meyer, you know you’ve created something special.