ClassDojo And The Reasons Why It Leads Among EdTech Providers Today

There are many ways that education programs can improve, and one of the many ways today that the education system can create a positive culture in schools and classrooms is with the help of education technology. According to an article from Entrepreneu, a good communication platform that can bridge the needs of students and the expertise and strengths of teachers would enable a ground-up change in how education can strengthen the weaknesses of students today. One of these programs in the market that can augment the weaknesses of the education system is ClassDojo.

The Strengths of ClassDojo

It’s not hard to understand why many reports would say that 2 in 3 schools have a systematic deficiency in the modules and programs being taught in their curriculum. Sure, some related programs can correct them, but they could not be enough. What makes ClassDojo stand out in all of this is because its communication platform system is designed to listen to the needs of students and parents. ClassDojo, with the helm of their co-founder Sam Chaudhary, helps teachers and parents find a common ground on how to bridge learning gaps. For this reason, ClassDojo remains one of the leading educational technologies today that encourages the stakeholders involved to solve problems and bypass the red-tape and bureaucracies that limit the speed of students to catch up with their classes.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is essentially an avenue for parents and teachers to easily talk to each other about problems in schools regarding their students. Founded in June 1, 2011, this EdTech platform has seen a great rise in terms of popularity and range of use among schools that want to improve their methods of teaching. It is right now in its Early Stage Venture in terms of Funding Status, which explains why it has only about 11-50 employees in its department as of today.

It is the mission of ClassDojo to make sure that teachers and parents and students can talk among each other in a way that can boost the learning strategies in school. With the problems of educational systems at hand, such as lessons taught may not be related in the job sector today, ClassDojo’s for-profit solutions definitely shows a lot of promise.

Susan McGalla Inspiring Thousands of Women Across the Country through Her Success

For hundreds and thousands of women across the United States and beyond, Susan McGalla is a living inspiration. She has achieved so much in her short career as a female that many men have not been able to accomplish in their entire career. Susan McGalla is a hardworking and passionate female executive, who has worked hard to get noticed and be deserving of the top positions in the companies she has worked for. At Wet Seals Inc, Susan McGalla was the CEO of the company for many years, and at American Eagle, Susan worked as the President for several years. At both these companies, Susan McGalla helped in improving company’s performance, efficiency, turnover, and market reputation. It also helped these companies that Susan McGalla headed to get new clients and expand their business.

Susan McGalla is a big supporter of the women empowerment initiatives. She believes that the women support groups and employment programs have done their part of helping women find a job as well as support, but it hasn’t been able to get women to make it through the top executive positions in the company. Susan McGalla says that one should not hesitate in acknowledging that the glass ceiling problem does exist in the corporate world, and it has been putting the women back in just about every field. However, Susan McGalla says that with the help of sponsors and mentors in the companies, the women can be shown the right way to achieve their dream goals in the company.

Susan McGalla says that women must not waste their college time in other activities, and must focus on getting good grades. Compromising on education would not help when you are planning to get selected by the top companies in the country. Even though most companies accept women employees without bias, it is hard for women to achieve the executive position. Susan McGalla believes that mentors in the companies can identify the women deserving professionals who are worthy of moving up in their career. The sponsors and mentors would help the women to understand what needs to be done to move up the ladder of success in the corporate world.

David Giertz Advises Pre-Retirees to Talk to their Financial Advisors About Social Security

David Giertz found that many wealth advisors are not talking to their clients about how Social Security will affect their retirement. He found that the most probable reason for this omission is the 2700 Social Security rules in the Handbook. Still, Social Security must be discussed because it adds up to about 40% of most people’s retirement monies.

David Giertz also noted that the timing when a retiree starts receiving benefits should be a major part of the discussion with a wealth or financial advisor. If you start receiving benefits too early, you, the retiree could forfeit as much as $300,000 over the benefit receiving period. So starting the Social Security payout period at the right point could result in the retiree receiving $1000 less per month over a period of 25 years.

David Giertz is President of Nationwide Financial Distributors at Nationwide Financial. The Nationwide Financial Institute did a survey of people in retirement and those having ten years before retirement. What they found was very disturbing. Many advisors do not discuss Social Security disbursements with their clients. This could be a major portion of the retirement monies for an individual or a couple, so it is an essential element of the after work years planning process.

Giertz has 30 years experience working in financial services. He started his advising career at Citigroup and moved to Nationwide in 1999. At Nationwide, he has grown the business from $11 billion to 17.8 billion. He made these changes by growing different sectors of the business: private-sector retirement plans, mutual funds through banks, life insurance, specialty markets, annuities, RIAs, IMOs and wire houses.

As the successful President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Giertz is now spreading the word about the failings of so many financial advisors. Leaving Social Security planning out of the conversation with their clients means they are doing a serious disservice to their clients. Forty percent of anyone’s total financial picture is huge. Most people work for at least 35 to 40 years before retiring. All the money they paid into Social Security amounts to a large sum of money, but not understanding the most profitable way to access those monies could result in a huge loss. David Giertz advises clients to find wealth advisors who understand Social Security and can advise them about the best ways to begin drawing those benefits.

Bob Reina: He’s An Accomplished Leader

When it comes to leaders, they don’t make them any better than Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. He is exactly what a leader should look like in terms of how they lead other people and how they get the best out of people. That has never been an issue for Bob Reina. When his mind is set to something, you better believe it is going to get done and it is going to get done the right way. You can take it to the bank. He has proven that, over and over again, with Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is his pride and joy, and it is something he has worked very, very hard as the CEO and founder.


After all, if someone is going to attach their name to something, they want to make sure it is something special, unique, and one of a kind. Talk Fusion, without question, is changing the game for people that are looking to work from home and change their lot in life. They have worked 9-5 jobs in the past, and the jobs have left them feeling unhappy, drained, and bored. That is the last thing Bob Reina wants anyone to feel when he or she uses Talk Fusion. He wants them to feel inspired, excited, and full of passion.


He likes to put the passion into passion project. As a former police officer, he knows what it takes to get the job done the right way. He knows people, he knows what they need, and he knows what they are looking for out of life. He has that ability to really connect with people. At his core, he is a people person. He takes the time to show he is not too big for his britches and he is not someone that is going to let all of this success go to his head. Learn more:


If anything, it only inspires him to do even more with Talk Fusion. He knows the work is nowhere near close to being finished. This is just the start for Talk Fusion. It is why he is always on the hunt for the next big thing with his company. He knows the minute he becomes too comfortable or lets his guard down, that is when someone comes in with a better idea and steals the show. Bob Reina does not want that to happen to his company or the people that work for the company.


Everyone has put a lot into this, and they want people to feel like they can accomplish their dreams and they can do anything they set their mind to if they commit to it and really go for it. Their time is now.

Eli Gershkovitch: The Crafty Brewer

Eli Gershkovitch gained interest in craft beer after graduating from Law school at Toronto University. This was after he tasted Belgian craft beer while taking a tour of Europe. Eli Gershkovitch started doing research on craft beer and the craft brewing business while he practiced law while living in Vancouver. This also helped Gershkovitch overcome the initial legal hurdles he faced while trying to get the local authority to license his first craft beer brewery. Gershkovitch’s chosen location had been an old building that had a steam heating system. Through innovation, Gershkovitch was able to use the steam system to develop a steam-powered brewing system, hit this. This gave birth to Steamworks, Gershkovitch’s first craft beer brand. The company has grown from six beers in the first year of operation to become a functional brewery that sells its craft beers across 14 states in the United States and various provinces in Canada.


Craft Beer: Crystallizing a Rich Heritage

Craft beer is the most popular type of beer in Canada. It has a 10% share of the beer market in the country. Its popularity has seen the number of local breweries grow from 88 in 2006 to 520 local breweries in 2015, head over here. The most popular ones include Spruce Beer, which comes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Its brewing is restricted to a few breweries, with Garrison Brewery being its main producer. The other popular type of craft beer is called the Ice Beer, manufactured by crystallizing the beer in cold temperatures then using freeze distillation to have a higher alcohol to water ratio.


The Packaging of Craft Beer

Craft beer is packaged in cans since beer cans are packed in large volumes and are also light. They are also light resistant and oxygen resistant if properly packed, read more. This helps increase their shelf life since light and oxygen affects beer shelf life longevity. Craft beer has attracted a lot of support from various provincial authorities, with Ontario investing $1.6 million in expansion and marketing of twenty breweries. Alberta has also invested $20 million; this support has helped push sales to an average of 36% and attracted big corporations, who have partnered with the local breweries.


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Why White Shark Media has Managed to have Long-Term Relationships with their Clients

We cannot ignore the changes in the business world. Every enterprise is seeking a chance to market their business online. Despite the technology being positive and having a significant influence on the sales, it is a setback for the companies that are yet to master the skills on search engines optimization. It is paramount that every investor works on improving their traffic through the searching engines.

White Shark Media is a firm that specializes in digital marketing. It is equipped to serve middle-class corporations and small enterprises. White Shark Media is recognized by the two leading searching engines: Google and Bing.

The firms assist their clients in solving the issues that block them from attracting visitors to their site. Among the leading issues are; inconsistency in the content update, wrong content usage and wrong choice of keywords; White Shark Media addresses these issues for good results.

One medical provider in California says that he used to manage AdWords by himself until he came along White Sharks Review. Handling over the duty to the firm has given him a deeper understanding of what he is working to achieve.

The client says that the best thing about working with the firm is that one can communicate through mail. He explains that Robert is quick in following up the questions. To him, the several years he has been working with White Shark has been an amazing experience.

Linda from a printing service company in Washington is equally impressed. She says that working with White Shark Media has tremendously improved the performance of the company. White Shark Media has been managing their account as well as educating them on promotions. Linda is very grateful to Cindy Marin from White Shark Media for the services.

White Shark Media has significantly contributed to the firms they have had their hand in over the years. Their staff is highly qualified and competent based on the reviews of their users.

End Citizens United SupportingConor Lamb in the Special Elections in the United States

The influence of the corporate world in the election campaigns has been tremendous in the past couple of decades. Most of the huge corporations have been spending an unimaginable sum of money in the elections that have directly influenced the outcome of the election campaigns. The use of the corporate money in the elections is something that has been going on for many decades, but the Supreme Court decision in the lawsuit filed by Citizens United against F.E.C made it easier for the corporate money to flow into the elections. The verdict by the Supreme Court says that the individuals and the corporations can spend as much money as they want in the polls without any restrictions. There is no cap as to how much money the companies or an individual can spend on elections.

It is necessary for some amount of accountability to be present to ensure there is no misuse of funds and the elections don’t become vulnerable or susceptible to external influence. One of the prominent organizations that have been protesting against the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance rules is the End Citizens United. The End Citizens United wants that greater awareness is created among the people about how big money is using its influence in the country’s election and its outcome. The amount of money spent on elections makes it a substantial fancy affair that attracts the masses and the political side that spends more money generally ends up winning the election campaign as well. In any case, the End Citizens United demands that the Supreme Court decision be overturned, or necessary modifications are made to the ruling.

The End Citizens United was started by Tiffany Mueller, who is the President of this hugely popular PAC. It has been collecting donations from the everyday people from across the country, and it aims to back the political candidates that support the reform in the campaign finance rules. It would help in making the elections more fair, transparent, and accountable. The special elections are being held at the 18th Congressional District, and Democrat Conor Lamb would be fighting against its rival Rick Saccone representing the Republican side. Rick Saccone has been surrounded by controversies when his extramarital affair came into the limelight. Even worse was the fact that even after being against abortion for a long time, he asked his girlfriend to abort the child.

End Citizens United has openly announced their support for the Democrat Conor Lamb. However, as of now, the PAC has not announced how much money they would be spending to support his election campaign. End Citizens United aims to continue to support the democrat political candidates who are in support of the reform in the campaign finance rules.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Taking Back The Top Rank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current CEO of Bradesco Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil. He was chosen to become the new head of the company because of his hard work and perseverance, and the board of the company saw how he is dedicated to serving the company. Bradesco Bank was established in 1943 in the city of Marilla.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also born in the same city, and growing up, he developed the dream of working in the financial sector when he is old enough. Through the years, Bradesco Bank transferred their headquarters from the bustling city of Marilia to the highly active city of Sao Paolo. Because of the passion of the past executives working for Bradesco Bank, the financial institution became a global corporation, and they managed to spawn more than 5,000 branches around the world. Bradesco Bank offers a large number of services, which helps private citizens, small business people and even large corporations in dealing with their finances and investments.

In its initial years, Bradesco Bank is considered as the top financial institutions in the country. They frequently receive positive responses about their services, and their employees are well received because of their world class customer service. The bank is also the first in the country to offer bank accounts to teenagers and children who are still below the legal age. The leadership of the company focuses on knowing their clients personally, and they will be doing everything that they can to satisfy the requests of their customers. Because of this customer-centric approach, Bradesco Bank was known as one of the most reliable banks in the country. However, the distinction of being the leading bank in Brazil would later be given to its rival bank, Banco Itau, when they merged with Unibanco. The merging of the two banks sent them to the top rank. It is now the mission of Trabuco the bank he is serving, taking back the top rank that Bradesco Bank deserves.

Read more: PDV exceeded expectations, says Bradesco president

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working with Bradesco Bank for more than 40 years. When he was still a student, he decided to attend the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters, and he would also attend the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics where he would be earning his degree in Socio-Psychology. At the age of 17, he has been working with the Bradesco Bank, serving as one of its clerks. He would fall in love with the job, and he would be working hard day and night to climb the corporate later. After decades of working for the company, he was rewarded and was offered the position of becoming their CEO. As the newest head of the company, he is tasked to do something to beat the formidable alliance between Banco Itau and Unibanco. Having a brilliant mind, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi thought of purchasing the Brazilian arm of HSBC, and he believed that this move would increase the value of the company.

The deal cost billions of dollars, and it pushed through. After Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi signed the papers, they announced that HSBC Brazil is now under the Bradesco Bank. Right after the announcement, the value of the company went up, and they managed to receive new customers. Bradesco Bank became one of the fastest growing banks in Brazil, and it is expected that they could beat Banco Itau and Unibanco in just a short amount of time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is genuinely a fantastic leader because he did all that he can to excel.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,estamos-com-o-dedo-no-gatilho-para-emprestar-dinheiro-diz-presidente-do-bradesco,70002160257

Shot 6 Times and Still Working To Put An End To Contraband Cell Phones In Prisons

Learning first hand from his own personal experience, Robert Johnson knows how important it is to keep cell phones away from inmates in prison. In 2010, Robert was working for the corrections department when he stopped a package from being delivered. This package would be the start to a difficult life for Robert. After stopping the package from being handed over to a well established prison gang, two weeks following the day when he stopped the package from being delivered, someone kicked in his door to his home and attempted to kill him.


Trying to protect his family from harm, Robert took to stepping away from the room where his wife was asleep at. In the attempt to stop the gunman, Robert was shot 6 times at a close range. In the 15 years that Robert had been working for the prison systems and stopping many packages of contraband making its way into the inmates hands, he had crossed the wrong person.


The package that was supposed to be given to the affiliated gang member had a value of more than $50,000 dollars.


After being shot 6 times in the chest and stomach, Robert was taken to the hospital and his family and friends were told that he would not make it and that they should make arrangements in the case that he doesn’t pull through. A chaplain spoke to Robert’s wife and prepared her for when he passed. While in the operating room, Robert died twice on the operating table and fought his way back.


An inmate who had been recently released was later tried and convicted on the attempted murder charge. The prison gang had made contact with the released inmate and was paid $6000 on a prepaid debit card to kill Robert.


Johnson is not the only person who has been shot for crossing an inmate. An order was taken on a baby who was only 9 months old, being held by his mother in Georgia. The inmates had arranged for the baby to be shot because the uncle to the child did something that the inmates did not approve of. Through contraband phones inside of the prison, they were able to arrange the hit.


Since being shot and finding out about the nine month old baby, Robert has helped Securus Technologies to put an end to cell phones inside of prisons. Through Securus Technologies, technology has found a way to keep cell phones inside of prisons to be recorded when accessing the mobile network in a prison. The phone will register with the number that it is calling from and the number it is calling. From there, they are able to shut the phone down or allow the calls to go through. Once they know the number and can distinguish what the inmate is calling for, they can choose to drop the call.

Tony Petrello- A diligent CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a prominent personality in the mining and drilling sector. He is among the business executives who are doing great in the management of businesses in the country. Currently, he is the CEO of Nabors Industries drilling company. This is an industry which attracts wealthy business people and therefore very competitive. Each company has to establish a system of operations which will enable them beat off competition from other firms. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation

Anthony Petrello has been very effective with the management of this company. He has pushed the company into great growth through the development of the company that he leads. Tony Petrello is a great business manager who has left nothing to chance when dealing with the management of this company. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Tony Petrello moved to Nabors industries in 1991. He has helped the company achieve success by being the best business manager the company has ever had. Although people know Tony Petrello as a business manager, there is another side of him. He is a great philanthropist who has helped the country deal with some of the problems it is facing. Has contributed millions of dollars to support development if the biggest research center for children suffering from neurological diseases. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

The neurological center he supports is located in Texas. This is a center that was established to perform research in this medical field. The intention is to come up with a treatment for neurological diseases that are suffered by children. Tony Petrello has contributed $5 million already ti assist the Centre recruit enough human resource. Anthony Petrello is passionate about this research and is committed to seeing it perform. His daughter would be a beneficiary of any medication that would be realized through this research. Anthony Petrello is committed to this cause until such a point that his daughter can get medical help.

His daughter was born with a neurological disorder that has paralyzed his body, she cannot manage to do most of the task that requires body motions. He has to be taught how to walk, eat and talk. Tony Petrello is committed to seeing this research center work since it is the remaining hope for his daughter. He has been to many hospitals looking for medication but he has not been able to realize any medication. The research center located at the Texas Children hospital and is expected to make a breakthrough in the treatment of neurological disorders. This will be a reprieve for thousands of children suffering from such diseases. Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello