Steve Lesnard: The Product Marketing Expert Talks About Two Marketing Principles

In an article dated January 28th of 2019, a product marketing expert gives his insight on how to market products digitally. The article begins to talk about today’s modern world has changed how consumers shop. Specifically, it talks about how technological advances and how society uses them has changed the way products are marketed.

The article goes on to list “two key principles” on marketing products today. The first of the two principles generally talks about using simplicity to make the product “memorable”. The article gives an example of this principle. Steve Lesnard says to create a “storyline” that resonates. Preferably in the introduction of the product being marketed. As part of the product’s “story line” marketing its features to be “innovative” and “relevant” is vital when presenting it to consumers. The article goes on to talk about how Apple applied this type of marketing principle to its products and services. Steve Lesnard details how Apple successfully marketed their first iPod.

Next, the article moves forward to talk about the second marketing principle. This is the handshake between telling a consumer how innovative a product or service is and how it applies in real life. To generalize, this principle means to take an idea and make it tangible. To take the idea and make it into a “reality”. The article then gives examples of this principle.

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Steve Lesnard is the writer of the above-mentioned article. Steve Lesnard is an expert in product marketing and has worked with one of the world’s top athletic brand. He attended F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and later earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Business and Entrepreneurship in 1996. He has held many high ranking roles such as Global Brand Concept Director, Global Vice President, and General Manager to just mention a few. He has also worked with superstar Rihanna and Madonna’s choreographer, Jamie King.

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Article Title: Agera Energy For Efficient And Sustainable Energy Supply

Article Text:

Agera Energy is committed to providing clients with affordable energy be it natural gas, electricity, or green energy. As soon as a client is connected, Agera Energy assigns representative from the company to assess their energy needs and ensure each of those needs are met. By offering a one-stop shop for energy needs, Agera Energy reaffirms dedication to efficiency and sustainability be it for residential or industrial users.

Some of the products Agera Energy offers towards this end are the Pure Wind Program green energy alternative, and retrofit LED lighting for minimizing energy waste while maximizing energy supply. Agera Energy currently operates in 50 states with energy deregulation laws given many states have strict energy regulations.

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How Relationships Have Contributed To Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Success

The heart of Jeremy Goldstein’s success is in people and relationships. Jeremey L. Goldstein is a lawyer at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, where he is also a co-partner. He has been in the field of law for almost 20 years now. Goldstein focuses on executive compensation and corporate governance matters. He also deals with mergers and acquisitions.



The Essence of Personal Relationships



Through experience, Jeremy has come to realize the value of fostering close relationships with colleagues and clients. He believes that one should know their clients and know what advice to offer them. This way of conducting business sets Jeremy apart from his competition. Jeremy’s inspiration for establishing his law firm came from the desire to build a legal practice based on relationships. Jeremy prioritizes on getting to know all his clients on a personal basis in a professional and social level.



Jeremy has managed to achieve this blend of professional and social interests with a lot of success. He started registering profits within the first 5 years his law practice was in operation. This was because of this unique approach that is not merely focused on profit and loss statements. According to Jeremy, profitability is far more than a financial concept. This point of view has led Jeremy to invest his resources towards activities that give him a broader success depending on his selected criteria.



What’s Jeremy’s Approach toSuccess?



Jeremy focuses on a problem before coming up with the right approach of tackling it. This technique helps him view the situation in the proper perspective so that he can choose the best solution. Jeremy has used this strategy even when hiring new staff members at his law firm. His way of doing things is simple. He strikes a balance between experience and a good personality. However, he tends to pay more attention to experience when selecting the appropriate candidate for a particular task. Jeremy’s ultimate goal is for his clients to see his legal practice as competent.



Jeremy’s Charitable Deeds



Jeremy believes in giving back to the community. Jeremy’s is part of the management at Fountain House, an organization committed to improving the lives of those who suffer from mental illness. He sees his experience at Fountain House as having bound together the pieces of his professional life.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a co-partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a law firm that deals with advising CEOs, business and compensation committees, and management teams in executive compensation and corporate governance matters. He also chairs Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. Goldstein is also one of the most renowned executive compensation lawyers in the USA. Jeremy holds a B.A. from Cornell University, an M.A. from the University of Chicago, and a J.D. from the New York University.


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Impressionable facts about OSI Industries

OSI Industries has continued to achieve success thanks to the company values that it observes. The leaders of the company have also played a significant role in helping the firm grow. It has overdone most of its competitors in the private sector to emerge as the leading privately owned food production company. The firm has been in the industry for decades and it is a great source of employment for many people. It has established its operations in 17 countries and it continues to embrace the culture and customs of many people. The venture has received recognition from various individuals over the years and its unique strategic approaches have been received to be a major reason for the successes it has continued to achieve.

The great achievements of OSI Industries have also been associated with the ability of its executives to build excellent and robust business relationships with potential leading food companies like McDonald’s. The lucrative deals that the firm signed with the company have seen it increase its total amount of profits through the products that it delivers. The high quality foods nature of the products of OSI Industries has seen its partners keep purchasing them. Besides, the business ties and rules signed have favored the two firms and together they have continued to benefit mutually. High production is also among the major targets of the venture. The entire team seeks to increase production and sales to earn more revenue.

As a result, the executives if OSI Industries have always engaged with their employees to help them understand the importance of working together as a team for more production. Besides, the leaders also support their workers by taking up their specific roles as required. They also reinforce their good behavior to help them keep working hard for the sake of the OSI Industries success. The firm continues to acquire popularity in the entire world through the freshness of their products as well as high levels of hygiene that they abide by in their entire process of production. The ability of the executives of the venture to plan has also seen the employees prepare early enough for the steps they ought to take to accomplish the targets. Click here.


Reviews About the Stunning Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is one of the most popular and leading doctors in the world of cosmetic surgery who has been practicing for more than a decade now. She has been promoting the well-being of a person through her extensive and personalized approach when it comes to performing surgery to her clients. She has the power to bring back that youthful glow and beauty that most adults would want to have and has been empowering women about their body image. Thousands of women in the United States of America are very satisfied with her work, and how she helped them improve their self-esteem and beauty goals.

According to client reviews, most of her clients are very happy with how professional she is and very true to her word. Her outstanding skill in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and medicine has helped them achieve the look that they have been wanting to accomplish in life. Most of her reviews are positive, and Dr. Jennifer L. Walden continues to provide her patients with the highest quality of care, satisfaction, and safety. Her world-class precision, technique, and skilled artistry are very compatible with the needs of men and women when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

One of her patients gave a five-star review and stated that her service was completely exceptional. Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is very precise when it comes to details and her staff is very supportive and hospitable. She felt at home the moment she walked through the entrance of Dr. Walden’s clinic and she was very happy with the result. Another patient who has undergone breast augmentation also testified and gave an excellent review, she said that she felt very comfortable with Dr. Walden from the consultation until the end. Choosing her as a cosmetic surgeon has made her more confident with her life, her skin, and her body.


José Auriemo Neto, JHSF and Thrilling Shopping

JHSF is the name of prestigious real estate power player that’s headquartered in Brazil in South America. The massive company concentrates on commercial and residential projects alike. It creates airports that accommodate global travelers. It even creates deluxe hotels and action-packed shopping malls. JHSF was established all the way back at the beginning of the seventies. The company has a strong reputation in an abundance of significant metropolises. These include Manaus, Salvador and even São Paulo in Brazil. It doesn’t limit itself to parts of Brazil, either. That’s because it’s also highly recognized in New York, New York in the United States and in Punta del Este in nearby Uruguay. There are four distinctive sectors that are under the JHSF umbrella right now. These sectors are airports, incorporation, shopping malls and, finally, dining establishments and hotels. JHSF3 or JHSF Participações has operated as a business that’s public since around 2007.

Shopping malls are a major priority for all of the people who represent JHSF. The business’ employees have put a lot of care into varied malls like Cidade Jardim Shops, Catarina Fashion Outlet and Cidade Jardim Fashion Ecommerce. Dining out is another enormous priority for the professionals who work nonstop for JHSF. They’ve been part of restaurants like Gero Ipanema, Baretto Londra, Gero Trattoria Barra, Nonno Ruggero and Fasano al Mare.

José Auriemo Neto is a respected businessman who has done a lot of work for JHSF over the years. He’s the firm’s assiduous CEO or Chief Executive Officer. He’s its Chairman right now, too. Neto has been extremely influential in Brazil’s fashion sector. He helped the people of the vast nation discover style staples like both Jimmy Choo and Hermes.

He’s a proud graduate of a Brazilian school that’s referred to as FAAP or Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. It’s situated in the center of energetic São Paulo. São Paulo is one of the most widely known metropolises in the Portuguese-speaking country. José Auriemo Neto has been working his magic on Cidade Jardim for longer than a full decade now. He’s an imaginative person who knows a lot about shopping complexes.

OSI-McDonald’s: A Glimpse At How They Produce Their Legendary Burgers

For Fans of OSI Group McDonalds Famous Burgers, This Insight Regarding Their Burger Production Is For You OSI, or Otto & Sons Industries Group and McDonald’s can be said to be the ultimate example picture of a take-out hamburger should a photo of such a product be listed in the Webster’s dictionary.

To coin the pairing as iconic would not be out of the realm, as now up to 4 generations of people across the globe consume easily up to 60 or so million McDonalds burgers a day; or per the article here with Business Insider: ttps:// to 75 burgers are sold in a second.

OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made From Real Beef

The company has been questioned about the alleged preservatives within their products over and over again throughout the decades; as some naysayers along the way have accused OSI Group McDonalds food to be filled with preservatives and fake. In actuality, the company more than welcomes tours within their plants globally to prove otherwise.

OSI, the long-time manufacturer for McDonalds, collects the meat from beef cattle grown as close to the factories as possible for quick harvest, processing and rapid distribution. From there, the cuts are delivered into large portions so the risk of contamination is lessened; due to the fact it is not preserved, but real fresh meat from the local farm.

Then these cuts are minced then pressed into patties in both frozen and fresh conditions so that they can be brought to correct temperatures more quickly as well as hold their shape. Then they are frozen in a manner going back to OSI-McDonald’s renowned Cryogenic procedure and ready for shipment and distribution to the restaurants.

People Are Paid To Sample The Burgers Daily

For those that are Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger aficionados, or just love hamburgers in general, this would seem a dream job as any. Samples of the meat are tested with both temperature measuring equipment and the taste-buds themselves after being grilled on a OSI Group McDonalds model stove-like the ones used in the restaurants themselves. This is to ensure proper fat content and that the taste of the burgers meets the company standard.

With US President Donald Trump in office presently, and reportedly huge devotee of McDonalds, the spotlight seems to back on the company to maintain its lofty standard like never before. This should not be an issue for the OSI Group McDonalds, whom have been doing this for over six decades now.

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Marc Beer’s New Role At LumeNXT Inc

Marc Beer is a professional business well known in the United States for founding a pharmaceutical firm called Renovia Inc. The institution exclusively deals with manufacturing of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products used to treat of various conditions affecting the society. One of the popular drugs is the Leva which as used in treating Urinary incontinence and other reproductive infections and diseases which affects most of the women.

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur and an investor who ventures mainly in the health industry. He is also a researcher who does researches concerning the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with the aim of improving services rendered to patients. Marc is also passionate with philanthropy and likes conducting charity activities and helping other people. He is famous for helping the women in Dallas when he raised more than 50 million US Dollars for them used in, manufacturing and producing a product which was used to treat and provide relief to patient suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

Recently Marc was named as the Chairperson of the Board of Director in one company known as LumeNXT inc. The firm is a national company which comprises of a group of engineers and surgeons and was founded with the aim of providing safe and high tech surgeries to patients. LumeNXT Inc. is a privately held company, and it uses surgical illumination technology to conduct operations. Marc is now the chairman of the firm’s board, and he believes he can help the company prosper by helping it improve its services to the clients.

Since Marc is an experienced business administrator, he can help the company scale to the greater heights. He can as well provide consultancy and advice on how to manage the company and ensure that it moves in the right direction. Marc fits appropriately in that position as he has more than 24 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He will help in commercializing and developing the company.

Marc Beer is an alumnus of the Miami University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. When he had completed his studies, Marc started working in companies like Genzyme Therapeutics as the Head of Global Marketing. He has also worked for Biostar Company as the president of global marketing as well as Sanofi Company. Marc was also a former employee at Viacell Company where he assumed the company’s top position, Chief Executive Officer.

Today Marc is working as the top executive Officer of Renovia Inc., his company which he founded it in the year 2012. He is a great leader with outstanding leadership skills, and he is highly professional. He has a new responsibility at LumeNXT Inc. which adds up to practice of his career. Learn more:

Article Title: EOS Partners with (RED) to Fight AIDS

Article Text:

In efforts to raise awareness for different issues, many companies release special edition merchandise. The beauty company EOS continues in this tradition by releasing a new lip balm in a partnership with the charity (RED), an organization that provides AIDS treatment to the impoverished. Furthermore, EOS revamped their packaging for this special edition product.

Similar to their other packaging, the special edition pomegranate raspberry lip balm was concealed in a sphere container. In keeping with the theme for the awareness campaign, the container was a deep red hue to symbolize the partnership between the beauty company and the (RED) charity.In fact, EOS has pledged 15 percent of the sales profits for the special edition gloss to the charity.

Since its inception, EOS has focused on using natural and ethically-sourced materials in their products. As a result,the company uses sustainable ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax, and jojoba oil. EOS states that their mission is to make beauty products that serve a purpose and which are enjoyable to use. Besides partnering with (Red), the company also partners with other charities like I am that Girl. Additionally, they work with Terracycle, a recycling firm whose aim is to make recycling an easy option for everyone.

EOS’s partnership with (RED) is an honorable effort that will help many people in sub-Saharan Africa receive the treatment that they need. In a statement a spokesperson for EOS highlighted that 18.5 million women and girls live as HIV-positive, so the company felt compelled to raise awareness in some way. EOS hopes that this action will inspire their customers to spread some goodwill.

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Oren Frank: Benefits Of Talkspace Therapy

The new era brought with it many innovations. EsHowdy, Bonafide Chefpecially in technology.

We’re learning faster, we use technology more, but no matter what – we’re still humans. Besides many good things, 21 century have brought us much more pressure and even more everyday challenges.

Many of us face stressful situations on a daily bases, but we usually do not have the person to share our problems with. No one to confide in, no one to open our souls to, no one to help us with our dilemmas, doubts or hopes. The social stigma is following people who are seeking expert help, so they usually avoidto look for it. But the solution to this problem came up through one of the mobile applications that have made a revolutionary breakthrough and have changed the way we are looking at mental healthcare.

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What Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is a relatively new and very helpful application which can guide you through your self-knowledge. This is a truly revolutionary application that can provide a highly expert psychological help, but with a high discretion and at a price the most of us can afford.

Many of the mobile applications are extremely popular, but not many of them are truly helpful ones. Talkspace is the application that helps you improve your mental health, and motivates you to work on it. Even though dealing with mental health issues should be a part of the usual health culture, we are still feeling ashamed when we are in need of help in that field of expertise.

Why is that so? Michael Felps answered that question.

Phelps’s Role InTalkspace

A famous swimmer Michael Phelps is the one who had openly spoken about his mental issues. Though a successful athlete, Michael Phelps was facing a hard depression. Being under constant pressure took its tribute and Phelps couldn’t get better. The depression was almost choking him. One day he took the matter into his own hands, and he had revealed his issues to a therapist over the Talkspace app. Today, after he solved his issues, Phelps become the promoter and the board advisor of Talkspace.

Who Is The Man Behind Talkspace Story?

Oren Frank, a Co-Founder and the CEO of Talkspace, is the man whose idea helped millions of people. In times when struggling with the depression is almost a global health problem, the efficiency and, convenience of Talkspace stands out compared to all other similar applications. Oren Frank himself had a very serious role in client and professional therapists connection.

The great idea empowered with technological innovation gave the results. Oren Frank started the Talkspace together with his wife Roni. After being to marital couple therapy, they got the idea of helping others. These two philanthropists believe in the moral support and accessibilities of the psychotherapy. Check: