Freedom Checks Check Out

After some research, Money Morning has checked some of the claims Matt Badiali has been making about Freedom Checks that you may have seen. It turns out that they are the real thing. Over 500 companies currently are allowed to issue these checks. The overwhelming advantage to buying them is the tax system that they use to benefit their investors. Freedom Checks obtain their unique tax set up because they have to be linked to the oil and gas industries in America, but their profits are not linked to the volatile prices that affect oil and gas. Instead they make profits from transporting oil and gas. Those prices are far more stable, and if anything they can increase how much they charge to transport oil and gas.

There are no age restrictions to investing in Freedom Checks and they can be substantially larger than Social Security checks. Matt Badiali discovered the MLPs that can issue Freedom Checks as he was working around the world for financial experts. The checks the investors will receive will be very similar to stock dividends, but the real profit lies in the way they are allowed to use the tax system. Investors do not have to pay tax when they receive the checks, which makes them far more attractive than other types of investment. Some of the returns investors are receiving are staggering. Checks in the tens of thousands are distributed, and they can be received either monthly or quarterly. While those amounts would not be for the average investor, they will pay out two to three times more than a traditional investment. MLPs offer Freedom Checks for as little as $10, so it is possible for even the most conservative investor to get involved. Buying them is as straight forward as buying any other stock, but the returns are anything but standard.

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Meet Alastair Borthwick: A Talented Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913 in Rutherglen and brought up by his parents in Troon, Ayrshire. At the age of 11, his parents moved to Glasgow, where he got his high school education. At the age of 16, Alastair Borthwick started his career in journalism as he was employed to type news stories dictated over the telephone by reporters by the Evening Times Newspaper. He later graduated to a Scottish newspaper, Glasgow Weekly Herald, where he wrote the children’s and women’s pages as well as edited letters to the editors of the newspaper.

Borthwick is renowned for having written several articles on rock climbing. In 1930, his articles on rock climbing were published by Faber. These articles had memorable characters, were humorous, had vivid descriptions, and displayed unique tense action scenes. One of his famous phrases was that one cannot sweat and worry at the same time.

Borthwick professionally had always aspired to work at Fleet Street, which was known to be a very significant location for journalists. In 1935, he went to London where he worked for Daily Mirror but he did not stay long at this place. He left after working there for a period of one year and joined the BBC where he broadcasted outdoor topics and other events that happened in Scotland.

Borthwick’s adventurous spirit moved him to join the Second World War. He spent most of his service in Sicily, Europe, and the Western Desert. He attained a captain rank and worked mostly as a war intelligent officer. During this time, he wrote a widely praised classic book of war. The book had a high level of accuracy, had graphics of high quality, and was filled with ironic humor. Clearly, Borthwick is a man who would find fun in a desperate situation even in war.

Borthwick was married to his wife Anne, whom he had one son with, Patrick. His family lived at the Coast of Jura for seven years, moved to Islay in 1952, and finally moved to South Ayrshire in 1960. Here, he lived with his wife and son for the rest of his life. His wife died later and his son lives on. Alastair Borthwick died in 2003 at the age of 90.

Talos Energy Begins Phase One Of Zama-1 Development

Timothy Duncan founded Talos Energy LLC in 2012. The oil and gas company was designed to explore, develop, and produce oil and natural gas properties found within the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Duncan used a $600-million equity raise from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings to create the company. In 2017 Talso was one of three companies to discover a bonanza of light crude in the Zama-1 field off the Gulf of Mexico. Over 1.4 billion barrels of oil were discovered, with millions more projected to be there.

The find is great news for Talos and the rest of is consortium. But before celebrations go into effect the discovered oil has to be drilled, processed, and then brought to market. These are not simple tasks. The act of bringing barrels to market requires an entire infrastructure. As two other companies, UK’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, are also involved the weight is a little easier to bear. Talos is the leading company however, so a lot of that weight swings its way. Although infrastructure may be in the beginning phase at present, drilling is already taken care of.

Talos’s appraisal of the field has already been approved by Mexico’s Oil Regulator. This is the first step in the development of Zama-1. The appraisal calls for two new wells to be drilled. The sum total cost of these wells will be around $325 million dollars. The drilling will begin at the end of November and is projected to be complete in 2019. The wells will be built, and production of the crude can begin. If all goes according to plan the operation will yield 100,000 to 150,000 barrels of oil by 2023.

As for the market itself Talos is already making plans. According to Duncan the operation will require platforms as the field is under 500 feet of water. As this construction will take time, he is confident that market fluctuations will evolve. Such fluctuations will allow Talos to get better idea of what to do with the oil. For now all effort will go into building the wells.

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Dr Rod Rohrich- Best Cosmetic Surgeons Map

Dr. Rod Rohrich is Busy Reshaping Humankind

If you are searching for the right person to do plastic or cosmetic surgery, then it may be time to take a closer look at Dr. Rod J. Rohrich. Based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Rohrich is one of the most respected surgeons in his field. This is why he has been featured on some of the most well-known television programmes in the nation. Apart from running a highly successful practice, Dr. Rohrich also spends time teaching plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The reason for his success is simple; Dr. Rohrich is known to have a unique combination of medical knowledge and sculpting skills that verge on artistry.

Types of Surgery

Dr. Rohrich’s clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery services. These include facelift, rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, genioplasty, otoplasty, lip augmentation, liposuction, revision liposuction, body lift, abdominoplasty, gynecomastia, breast augmentation, arm lift, and breast lift.

Taking the First Step

Once you have made the decision that you would like to have cosmetic surgery done, the next step is to set up an appointment. When you meet with Dr Rohrich, he will determine whether you are in the right shape, both physically and mentally, to go under the knife. This is because even though the procedure is cosmetic in nature, it is still considered to be surgery. Like most surgical procedures, the patient needs to meet certain physical and mental health requirements, in order to be treated.

The consultation process will be little different depending upon the patient’s needs. However, generally speaking, it will include a tutorial from the doctor, who will include all the necessary steps, from start to finish. He will also explain the risks and limitations of each surgery, before starting.

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Gareth Henry: Master Connector in the Private Credit Sector

As a seasoned mover in multiple private credit and equity deals with institutional investors, Gareth Henry sees a major shift in the direct investment and the private credit sector. Leveraging his academic training in math and statistics, Gareth Henry has provided leadership and actuarial services to several firms in the alternative asset industry.

As the former head of International Investor Relations at Fortress’s London office, Gareth Henry developed several successful new products for the hedge fund, private equity fund, and fixed income fund. Following these implementations, Fortress promoted Henry to Global Head of Investor Relations at their Liquid Markets division. Visit

A unique and effective combination of quantitative and people skills has allowed Gareth Henry to develop an extensive personal network that he uses for staying on top of the financial news, raising capital and connecting investors. This network and his experience in the private equity markets has enabled Henry to guide large institutional investors through the expansion of credit appreciation private credit over the last decade.

Credit appreciation private credit funds invest in debt at closely held companies that need an alternative to private equity. After the 2008 financial crisis, many banks cut back lending to mid-sized companies. Without readily available credit, these companies need cash from other sources. This has opened new opportunities for investors. Instead of selling control and diluting ownership by selling shares, the owners raise the capital they need through a network of contacts. As a master connector, Gareth Henry is in the position to match the borrowers and lenders. His experience, math skills, and creativity skills provide the foundation needed to design investment instruments unique to each situation.

Instruments such as preferred equity tranches or subordinated debt allow the company’s owners to maintain control of the business and avoid difficulties with senior creditors. Other instruments may combine structured debt with equity-like agreements that reduce the risk for the investor. In the end, everyone is happy. Mid-sized firms have access to the liquidity they need, and investors often receive a high rate of interest. Read more on

David McDonald Oversees Further Growth In Key Segments

One industry that has continued to be extremely competitive across the world is the food industry. This industry is extremely important as it helps to ensure that people across the globe are able to get access to quality food. One individual that has continued to be a leader in this industry is David McDonald, who is one of the leaders of OSI Group.

The OSI Group was founded nearly 100 years ago and today is based in Aurora, IL. The organization today is best known for its full line of food products including frozen chicken and other meats, prepared meals, and a growing produce line of business. The company is also one of the leading providers of food products to a wide range of restaurant chains, including McDonalds.

Today, David McDonald is one of the senior leaders of the OSI Group. Over the past 30 years while working for the OSI Group, McDonald has continued to see the company grow and develop. This has included making a range of strategic investments and acquisitions in markets all over the world. While the David McDonald OSI Group has continued to grow, it has also continued to provide great service to its customers.

Under the leadership of David McDonald OSI Group has continued to thrive due to the high produce quality that is gives to customers. With David McDonald OSI Group has instituted a great quality control process while also ensuring that they provide great customer service. This helps to ensure that customers are able to enjoy the products and service that they receive when ordering through OSI.

With David McDonald OSI Group is expected to grow in the future as well. McDonald and the rest of the senior management team at OSI Group have identified a wide range of opportunities that could help the organization to gain a better footing in the industry in the years to come. This includes investing in other organizations and acquisitions to expand the product line while also trying to land more commercial customers. Ultimately, this will help to fuel even more growth in the future.

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Alex Hern’s Great Success Story

Alex HernAlex Hern, the Founder and CEO of Tsunami XR, is now one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the United Stats. His vast experience includes working in conjunction with start-ups. Along with this, he also worked with various technology companies during their incubation period.

His impressive resume of his career includes working with Inktomi of Goldman Sachs as their Director. Inktomi is a household name among those in Wall Street, due to the fact that this was the power source for major search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, and even AOL. After this time, Alex Hern chose to launch another company. He was the Director and Co-Founder of Yesmail, with a product focused on marketing via email as well as web directory service.

When he and Alex Brown work tirelessly to make the company go public. This was a tremendous feat, and once done, the company was sold to CMGI for $650 million dollars less than a year after its inception. It appears that most of his career was spent working with technology and new advancements for military. This was evident when he chose to be the Co-Founder of Military Commercial Technologies. This company was also in the incubation stages, and was eventually funded by Lockheed and L-3. During this time Alex Hern became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Where did Tsunami XR come from? Alex Hern has tremendous foresight, and was well aware that computers were moving from CPU to GPU drivers. Because of this tremendous change, he realized that the need for new software applications was huge. The move to using tablets and other devices for nearly everything was also a welcome sign that applications were going to thrive.

Alex Hern is dedicated to his profession, and stays up late to focus on what is coming next. He is driven by the awe of innovation and how far technology has come. Recently in an interview, he stated that during the evening time when it’s quiet, there is less distraction more ideas are born. It won’t be long before we see what Alex Hern is up to next.

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Harry Harrison and Life After Barclays

The former head of Barclays Non-Core in the UK, Harry Harrison has been surging ahead with growth and business. He is actively involved in his young family’s life and supporting his spouse’s business endeavors. Along with family, Harrison has taken some time for self improvement by doing things such as yoga, learning French, and brushing up on golf. It all seems so different from the past financial duties in London, but the experience he brings from Barclays Non-Core is translating into consulting.

Harry Harrison worked his way through schools and ended up at Cambridge University where he completed his studies in financing. In the early years, he spent time working as a derivatives trader. After that, he became a manager and worked with teams involved in trading traders and fixed income sales.

With all of Harrison’s real-life knowledge, he may be the best person to ask about future trends. He comments on how information and technology are setting unheard of trends in areas such as the insurance arena. Financial technology is growing and creating innovative organizations. With past knowledge, he can advise young people. His thoughts resonate with enjoying the little things of daily tasks. Although the finish line is necessary, the steps along the way are just as valuable and maybe even more so. Keep contact with partners, customers, and others in your field on both a professional basis and personal. Harrison notes that it was his honor to be surrounded by these people, and he acknowledges some of his success to this network.

If you are looking for some financial tips, he graciously recommends keeping your eyes on technology in the financial sector as well as startup companies. He even will go so far as to mention a few by name: Flowers Foods an interesting baked goods company and TrovaGene, which focuses on cancer treatments. If you are looking for products he raves about himself, investigate the Waze app, which offers traffic updates and directional assistance.

Everything is not all technology for Harry Harrison. Like many of the greats, he picks up books on a variety of subjects. Some recent suggestions from him are Liar’s Poker, which centers on Wall Street, and a book written by Bill Gates entitled The Road Ahead. Other non-work related activities Harry Harrison participates in are yoga. He chooses yoga not only because his wife does but because the flexibility and mental benefits the exercises offer. For fun, he has had the pleasure of attending the US Open but confesses it may not be every person’s idea of a good time because of the high temperatures, but for him and his family, it was something to remember.

Harry Harrison has led an exciting life from the school days at Cambridge to the pressure-filled life of the financial world to now where he takes on the role of a father and a consultant. He has mastered the art of taking knowledge and using it to build teams, offer advice, and build networks of colleagues and friends. One of his self-professed favorite sayings from Carnegia is be happy with what you have.

Gareth Henry Professional Life

Gareth Henry studied at the University of Edinburg based in Scotland where he earned his degree in actuarial mathematics. His education allows him to understand the highly complicated math’s behind various investments, thus, allowing him to stay ahead of the rapidly growing private sector. Gareth Henry has seen his career journey has helped him gather a wealth of knowledge as well as extensive experience in asset sector. He has served as the head of global investor relation in multiple prominent alternative investment management firms all based in the U.S. His strong work ethic has helped him to raise awareness and a large sum of funds for offerings in the industry.

Having worked in various roles on the financial sector, Gareth Henry has been on the front row to experience the movements that have resulted from the steady growth of the private credit firm and credits, especially among institutional investors. Speaking in an interview recently, Gareth talked about the trend that’s witnessed in single asset and direct deal investment for both the private equity and the private credit firm. He says that the major individual co-investments decisions being done by large institutions will continue to be experienced in the industry. Henry goes ahead to say that this will, in turn, change the normal landscape of direct investing.

Gareth Henry moved to the United States in 2007, and he now lives in New York. Currently, he is positioned as the managing director for Fortress Investment Group. Henry is responsible for the task of marketing the company in Europe, the United States as well as the Middle East. He also oversees the insurance relations of the company with other countries and the wealth and pension funds of the firm. Henry who has the self-proclaimed nickname of “math geek” using this ability together with hard work and determination to facilitate relationships and to come up with an extensive list of contacts in various parts of interest such as the sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and multiple other capital sources.

Speaking about his success, Henry said that he always felt fascinated by the way that mathematics and finance combined in so many ways. With this interest, he was able to develop a knack and understanding risk management and economics which saw him find his way towards investor relations.

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Matthew Fleeger – CEO of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a serial entrepreneur with holdings in oil, gas, the tanning industry, and waste management. His skills and knowledge have helped him to climb the ladder. Much of Fleeger’s success is due to his education and undergraduate degree in business. He also had a leg up on experience since his father formed Gulf Coast Western.

The company is a successful gas and oil company. Fleeger was able to focus on finance and marketing at his father’s company. Matthew Fleeger would also gain lots of experience and knowledge working at various oil and gas companies. This experience and exposure would lead to founding his company, MedSolutions, Inc.

MedSolutions specializes in the disposal, treatment, and transportation of medical wastes. Matthew Fleeger’s management and leadership skills had helped his company develop into a regional leader that offered healthcare waste management solutions. Matthew Fleeger then sold the company for $59 million to Stericycle was it reached its pinnacle of success.

After selling his company, Fleeger decided to return to the oil and gas industry as Gulf Coast Western’s CEO and President. He returned with even more experience and knowledge in having worked in a number of leadership positions. This made him the perfect candidate for Golf Coast Western with his background in merges, general partnerships, business acquisitions, and corporate structuring. Gulf Coast Western is still growing, and will continue to do so under Fleeger’s direction. Matthew Fleeger holds the distinction of making the list of International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger also commit to giving back to the community. The company helps organizations that seek to help build stronger communities. Such organizations show great concern for the well-being of families and their children. Gulf Coast Western supports the American Cancer Society, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Shriners Hospital for Children, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Family Place.

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